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How We Do It

Our Orlando referral marketing network consist of guest service reps,conceriege,welcome centers
and tourist info booths in all area tourist corridors.

We stock them with your referral cards on weekly basis .
They distribute them directly to visitors and recommend your establishment.

What is a referral card?

The referral card is your business card.
It showcases :

*Your establishment
*Special Offer
*Contact Info
*Referred By

The Referred By section of card allows us to track,identify and reward guest service reps,
conceriege,welcome centers and tourist info booths .

Pay out to referral is done on a monthly basis in either cash or gift certificate.

A guest service rep or conceriege will refer someone to an establishment in our marketing network providing an incentive.

Wouldn't you?

Our email blast to our network advises them of special promotions and upcoming events..

We can also assist you on one time campaigns for special events and grand openings.

Please visit our contact page and one of our marketing consultants will follow up with you.

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Orlando Car Rental Code